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Removing lint build up is a job for the professionals at Steam Cleaners. Dryers are the number one household appliance in the United States to cause home fires yearly. Dryer vents should be checked at least once every six months for blockage. Our experienced dryer vent cleaners go where no one else dares to go! Sometimes, when we can’t see things, we forget about them. The same applies with your dryer vents which can, for the most part, be hidden behind the actual dryer unit. Lint trappers in your dryer only traps about half of the lint from your clothing fibers, while the remaining lint either travels outside of the home or lands in the dryer vent.
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You can see where, over time, air flow can become restricted. With assistance from the hot moist air from the dryer unit, lint that has landed in the vents starts to accumulate and cluster. The restriction of air flow can result in one of two things happening. Exhaust gas build up can cause the dryer to malfunction and shut down or lint can cause a fire to ignite.
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Take the necessary precautions to protect you and your loved ones from hazardous situations such as this by making a simple phone call to one of our friendly telephone operators. For your comfort, we are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We know that most people’s schedules can be hectic and finding free time to do anything can be difficulty. We work around your schedule. Call us today! Dryer Vent Cleaning The Woodlands TX focus on the dryer vent system in your house to make sure proper drying times and your families integrity.